Your CME organization has outcomes measurement challenges and requirements that are unique to its competitive environment and ACCME accreditation status. Based on your organization’s strengths and the nature of your CME content and goals, Improve CME will design customized outcomes measurement plans written specifically for inclusion in your grant requests. All measurement plans are compliant with ACCME criteria.



Improve CME will collaborate directly with you and your staff to implement measurement plans, develop optimal questions for surveys, interpret and report results. Working along-side our clients allows us to achieve greater efficacy in application and adaptation of measurement plans by staff members. The iterative consultation loop of feedback and response is critical to successful and improved measurement of CME. Our goal is not to remove all aspects of outcomes measurement from your organization, rather, we seek to integrate our services with your existing processes.



The methods we use are evidence-based, diverse, and tailored to your needs, capabilities and goals. Our methods range from measurement of changes in knowledge, confidence, and competence to performance and patient outcomes. Rigorous statistics are applied. Some outcomes measurement service providers apply the same predetermined method for each client and CME activity, regardless of their unique needs. “One-size-fits-all” template measurement solutions come to you at a higher cost and increased risk of inferior results.


Lower Costs

Improve CME cares a great deal about improving the overall efficacy of your outcomes measurement. Greater professional care results in deeply thorough involvement, greater commitment to your success in CME, and more opportunities for you to leverage outcomes results to secure additional grants. Our commitment and diligence, combined with customized outcomes measurement solutions for your company, come at a cost that is considerably lower than you will find among other measurement service providers.