Acquiring CME Outcomes Results

Simply reporting outcomes measurement results by placing data in tables, figures, and charts is insufficient for optimal communication of the effects of your CME. Improve CME develops comprehensive reports designed to provide an ideal level of detail for CME providers, with a cogent summary of results and “Quotable Learnings” highly appreciated by commercial supporters. In addition, Improve CME goes a step beyond the reports provided by some other outcomes measurement service providers—we actually interpret the results. This includes bulleted interpretive comments about the degree to which your needs assessment was on target and learning objectives were achieved, level of effectiveness, whether the same content would be optimal for use again in future CME, and implications for clinical practice.
Statistical analysis methods are explained in simple terms, with response rates delineated. Whenever possible, the potential scope of positive patient impact is also described based on collection of demographic data on patients seen per week with the disease covered in the CME activity, cross-tabulated with paired responses to measurement questions. For instance, “These 245 respondents intend to increase their use of [optimal clinical practice strategy]. They see an estimated combined total of 1,704 to 2,913 patients with [condition] each week (self-reported).”

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