Comprehensive Assessment of Current Outcomes Measurement

Assessment for ACCME-accredited CME Providers and Unaccredited Joint Sponsors

Prior to developing improved measurement methodologies and processes, Improve CME can review all aspects of your organization’s current outcomes measurement processes. The quality of the initial assessment will lay the course for a more accurate and efficient process of development and improvement. Procedural efficiency is one of the reasons Improve CME can bring you our services at lower costs than our competitors.

Assessment of Current Outcomes Measurement:

  • Existing Process
  • Current Measurement Methodologies
  • Levels of Statistical Analysis
  • Results Reporting
  • Compliance with ACCME Accreditation Criteria
  • SWOT Analysis
    • Outcomes Measurement Training:

      • Outcomes Basics
      • ACCME Expectations
      • Commercial Supporter Expectations
      • Sample Methods & Question Types
      • Competitive Landscapes

      Assessment Report and Recommendations:

      After performing the initial assessment, Improve CME will compile the information collected into a comprehensive report with recommendations for improvements. The results may also be used within your ACCME self-study.

      Improve CME Impact Factors

      • Our assessment of your current outcomes measurement is customized to your organization’s needs, goals, and status in the accreditation & reaccreditation cycle.
      • Significantly lower initial assessment fees when you commit to ongoing outcomes measurement project work for Improve CME
      • General competitive intelligence: how your organization compares with other outcomes measurement being conducted within the CME community.

      Applicable Case Studies

      Improve CME has a case history that demonstrates our expertise in conducting comprehensive outcomes measurement assessments.

      A Medical School CME Provider

      An academic medical school CME provider wanted to improve the efficiency and impact of its outcomes measurement to drive ongoing commercial support and sustain accreditation with commendation. After an initial assessment of current measurement processes, methods, and reporting, Improve CME provided outcomes measurement basics training, followed by customized consultation/training for each project manager, specific to their responsibilities for live, enduring, or Internet-based CME. Follow-up visits/training monitored and further enhanced implementation of improved measurement methods and question types. Results included consistent, higher-level outcomes measurement and more robust needs assessments for grant requests. Enhanced measurement contributed to re-accreditation with commendation.