Outcomes Statistical Analysis, Interpretation and Reporting of Results

Improvement Is Cyclical, Measurement Constant, and Reporting Critical

Improve CME is actively engaged with its clients in ongoing measurement, analysis, and reporting of CME/CE outcomes. Appropriate statistical tests are applied depending on the nature of the data, results and number of respondents. Scientific review and interpretation of results is conducted by a PhD-prepared professional with many years of CME experience. Results are summarized into easily-comprehensible reports, with conference calls to review them and answer questions. By helping you leverage the key elements of these reports, Improve CME can be your long-term partner in outcomes measurement to assess your effectiveness, facilitate improvements in CME content, and help power your continuous quality improvements.

Statistical Analysis and Reporting includes:

  • Data scrubbing and recoding as needed in Excel®
  • Statistical analysis of matched or aggregate pre, post, and follow-up data in the Statistics Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS®) using tests such as the independent or paired samples t test, the Mann-Whitney U test, and the Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test
  • Descriptive statistics for demographic question results
  • Calculations of potential scope of patient impact
  • Demographic subgroup analysis for larger sample sizes
  • Scientific review and interpretation of results for clinical relevance
  • Specific content-focused recommendations for future educational planning
  • Reports in Word® and/or PowerPoint® with notes
  • Review of results by conference call or webinar
  • Results presentations in person or by webinar to commercial supporters if needed

Improve CME Impact Factors

  • Scientific review by a PhD-prepared expert.
  • Scope of potential patient impact tied to changes in competence and performance (self-reported)
  • We are available to present outcomes measurement results to external entities for maximum clarity and benefit.

Applicable Case Studies

Improve CME has a case history that exhibits our expertise in CME/CE Outcomes statistical analysis, interpretation and reporting.

Medical Education Company

Improve CME has provided ongoing outcomes measurement for a medical education company that implements major year-long CME initiatives. Initial outcomes measurement reports sent by the medical education company to the commercial supporter were extremely well-received, and were used internally by the commercial supporter to best understand ongoing areas of educational need and therefore validate funding decisions. Further customization of reports in Word and PowerPoint was provided by Improve CME to the medical education company to better simplify and optimize their communications with the commercial supporter, and help the CME professionals at the commercial supporter sell the value of CME up through senior management. Ongoing grants to the medical education company have been facilitated.